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Advisor Spotlight: Cheryl Ogle

With several big-name insurance suppliers in the industry, each offering different plans, and other travel suppliers, including tour companies and cruise lines, offering their own insurance, an advisor's job can be difficult. Hey Wanna Go Travel Owner & Travel Advisor Cheryl Ogle joined Travel Market Report for MasterAdvisor episode 74, sponsored by Allianz Partners, to talk about the basics of travel insurance and specifically how new travel advisors can get educated.

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Customer Stories

The Concierge: Sicily, Saint Barths and Bratislava

Introducing The Concierge, a travel show that goes the extra mile with tips, tricks and recommendations from around the world.

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Assistance Stories

True Customer Stories: Alone in China

Today's story is about a dad and his daughter who caught coronavirus while travelling to China. Discover how Allianz Partners helped this family to overcome this difficult situation

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