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How Concierge Services Can Help Your Customers

Published: September 7, 2023|

You can’t plan every minute detail of your customer’s trip—and sometimes, customers don’t want you to! Allianz Travel Insurance offers assistance for emergencies, but sometimes, minor hiccups or inconveniences can threaten to derail a trip, too.

That’s where Concierge service comes in.

A woman visiting friends in Tokyo wants to show them how much she appreciates their hospitality. She knows gifts are a big deal in Japanese culture, but she isn’t sure what would be appropriate—or if she has the time to go shopping before her flight.

A family visiting Greece wants to check out a local restaurant, but they’re not sure if it can accommodate their son’s dairy allergy. When they call, no one on staff speaks English.

A couple visiting New Zealand had planned to spend their anniversary zip lining and exploring the outdoors, but rainy weather forced them to cancel. They need new plans, but they’re afraid they’ll end up spending the day researching and re-scheduling instead of enjoying time together.

The multi-lingual Concierge team can order personalized gift baskets at the request of the customer.  They can speak to local restaurants and establishments to answer questions or request accommodations. They can provide personalized, last-minute recommendations, schedule tours, and arrange one-of-a-kind experiences.

The Concierge team can’t plan an entire trip or a big event the way that a travel advisor would, but they can help customers with the little details, 24-7. For many customers, travel is a break from constant scheduling, decision-making, and research. They want to spend time exploring new places or relaxing with loved ones—not staring at a screen.

Concierge service can help policyholders…

  • Make reservations
  • Buy concert and event tickets
  • Arrange alternate transportation
  • Provide personalized recommendations for local restaurants and attractions
  • Answer questions about currency exchange and local laws
  • Provide quick translations or refer customers to translation services

…And more.

Our Concierge services are included in our most popular plans, but customers will need to pay any related charges or fees, like reservation deposits or concert tickets. They should also note that they’ll need to have their plan number at the ready. To reach a Concierge specialist, customers should call the number printed on their policy letter of conformation. In the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands, they can call 1-800-654-1908 or 1-804-281-5700 collect.

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